What is
our mission?
There is good news - the global CRM market in 2023 is approximately $23 billion and is growing at a rate of 11% each year.
The bad news is that about half of CRM implementation projects fail, as confirmed by many analytical agencies.
Our team, with over 10 years of experience in automation, is now focused solely on this problem. We understand that businesses are losing significant amounts of money by investing in CRM without getting results. We assume that half of the figure mentioned in the first sentence is lost and represents business losses. This affects both companies that have implemented CRM and integration partners, who experience customer attrition and a loss of profits.
The solution
How can we minimize losses?
Optimal Growth and Success
is to reduce these losses so that businesses can redirect saved funds to other beneficial areas: hiring more employees, investing in advertising, technology. We aim to help partners experience greater stability and increase their revenues. We are open to collaboration, let's work together to improve the automation industry!
Our mission
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