Pulse AI by Reten AI: How to Double the Revenue of Bitrix24 Partners?
Bitrix24 partners face a challenge where almost 50% of CRM implementation projects fail to achieve the expected results. Over time, customers stop using Bitrix24, leading to a reduction in revenue for partners, especially in license renewals.


Reten AI presents Pulse AI - an innovative application developed to monitor customer activity on Bitrix24 portals, designed to meet the specific demands. Pulse AI provides partners with a panel similar to a stock brokerage terminal, showing real-time status of customer portals, enabling the detection of trends in activity increase or decrease and taking proactive actions.


  1. User Retention: Early detection of decreased activity among Bitrix24 users allows actions to be taken to retain users and renew licenses.
  2. Better Support: Understanding the status of the customer portal enables offering more qualified support and recommendations on how to use Bitrix24 to meet the specific needs of Brazilian companies.
  3. Additional Revenue: Pulse AI can be used as a paid service to monitor and support Bitrix24, generating an additional source of revenue.

Using Pulse 2.0

  1. Bitrix24 Implementation Project Control: Activity monitoring to optimize the implementation process considering local business practices.
  2. Bitrix24 Usage Monitoring: Tracking the interaction of Brazilian customers with Bitrix24 throughout the usage period.
  3. Improving Support Quality: Providing broader and high-quality support through insights from monitoring data.
  4. Additional Service Sales: Offering paid additional services for Bitrix24 monitoring and support.

Pulse AI is an effective tool that not only helps retain customers but also increases revenue for Bitrix24 partners. This enables partners to become more engaged and responsive in customer relationships, improving their experience with Bitrix24 and maximizing profits.

How to Launch this Bitrix24 Client Monitoring Panel for Partners:

  1. Register a partner account through using the link.
  2. Install the Pulse AI application for clients through the Market here.
  3. In your partner panel, on the page, click the "Add client" button and enter the addresses of your Bitrix24 clients (cloud and on-premises versions).
  4. Request the client or, as an integrator, confirm the partner link in the client application under Settings.

June 15, 2023

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