The Best Employee Engagement Tool For Your СRM
CRM implementation failure prevention tool
What do failed CRM implementation projects mean?
The problem
It happens when employees stop using CRM, immediately or gradually.
… and Employer or Partner may not notice that.
Gartner Group's study found a 50% CRM failure rate.
Forrester Research Study confirmed 47% of CRM failures.
32% Salesforce projects fail due to poor business representation on team.
The solution
Well… how does Reten AI help you?
The app generates a statistics panel
The program collects and analyzes total CRM employee involvement for any period and instrument. You can see how whole departments and each employee work.
Similarly, the partner can be connected to the application if no-one is monitoring the involvement. He will receive notifications in a convenient way and get involved in work if the activity drops.
The integrator keeps abreast
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Chat-bot looks for inactive employees and stimulates the engagement growth by sending notifications and recommendations. In case of consistent drops, it warns the team leader or the responsible employee.
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